The Deafening Silence of the International Community

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The Deafening Silence of the International Community

On the evening of Saturday 14th November 2020, the murderous junta holed up in Tigray and facing certain extinction, cast its last gasp throw of the dice, by launching missile attacks at civilian targets in residential areas in the city of Asmara— a world heritage site. This attack is on par with the March 2001 Taliban destruction of the statues of Buddha in Afghanistan, which had drawn world wide condemnation at the time.

The timing of the attack and the intended targets give a clear and unambiguous indication to the motive and intent behind the attack — to maximise civilian casualties and spread terror amongst Eritreans.

By any measure of internationally accepted norms, this attack can only be described as an unprovoked terrorist attack on Eritrea, by the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF).

The attack can be seen as a desperate attempt by the lawless TPLF junta to draw Eritrea into the current military operation in Northern Ethiopia. An operation which has been launched by the Federal Government of Ethiopia, to restore law and order in the region, following an unprovoked attack on Ethiopian military installations by the TPLF, resulting in the loss of lives of a number of Ethiopian soldiers.

Given the nature of the TPLF, it was expected that it would try to provoke Eritrea into launching an attack on it, to claim in some morbid logic, that it took two armies — the Eritrean & Ethiopian— to brush it aside and restore law and order in the region.

However, to date, the Eritrean government has shown unparalleled restraint in light of the terrorist attack launched against it. It has chosen not to involve itself, despite the circumstances, in a matter which it views essentially as an internal issue for the Ethiopian government to resolve — in whom it has every faith that it will do so. The Eritrean government’s astute leadership, will not allow the peace achieved between Eritrea and Ethiopia in 2018, to be derailed by rogue terrorist elements. It is as always, committed to working for not only the peace and prosperity of Eritrea, but the wider region as a whole.  

What is also not surprising is the International Community’s lack of condemnation of this terrorist attack on Eritrea. Eritrea, has long known and accepted that when it comes to its affairs, the International Community always changes the rules, moving the goal posts at will.

Even setting aside the potential for huge loss of Eritrean life, as the people in the evening hours sat in their homes having being averted, the fact that Asmara — a World Heritage site— had been attacked, should have been sufficient reason to strongly condemn the cowardly act of the terrorist group, the TPLF.

But now, nearly twelve hours after the terrorist attack, Eritrea not for the first time, faces a wall of silence, with the International Community yet again failing for the umpteenth time to uphold the rights of Eritrea and its citizens.

In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. Dr. Martin Luther King jr

Yafet Zereou

Editors comment: የኤርትራ መንግስት ትግስት, ለሰላም ተብሎ የሚከፈል መስዋትነት!

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  • Yacob says:

    DebreSheitan, vODKACHE and the TPLF Junta would rather believe they lost and was captured because of Eritrea’s involvement that is why TPLF and allies had been working hard to implicate Eritrea.

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